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[APD] RE: Why algae don't grow and plants do under non limiting conditions

I agree with Tom about algae not being weenies.  "Darwinian weenies" are extinct, not

 thriving in virtually every aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem on earth.  Species poorly 

adapted to their environment just don't last, so you can assume that if it does 

something we think isn't advantageous then it probably means we don't really 

understand why it does what it does.  In its preferred habitat it probably has some 

advantage over species that do things a different way.  This isn't to say evolution is 

perfect, in fact every organism is stuck with some anachronistic characteristics they 

don't need but aren't selected out of the species for one reason or another.  But

 something  as fundamental as physiological responses to different forms of N are 

pretty significant.  Keep in mind that even the simplest bacteria have been evolving 

just as long as we have!


P.S.  Does anyone know how to get Yahoo mail to wordwrap?  My posts will be one

long line on the APD page if I don't hit return, but Yahoo mail puts a big space

between lines if I manually return.  I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't!

>In terms of evolution, I think algae are far from weenies. They can live in more toxic >places, live on far less, handle more mechanical shock than any plant, live higher, >lower, colder, warmer, saltier, darker, there is even a human infestation form that >gets on the legs. I've seen some cases of it on patients in West Africa. I'm unaware >of any higher plants that grow on us. 
>Tom Barr

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