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Re: [APD] Co2...diagram link?

The incomparable Chuck Gadd has some great web pages with
info on aquatic gardening including a basic diagram on a
pressurized CO2 set up:

Check out Chuck's site, inlcuding this page:


You can use a pH controller and a solenoid to control the
CO2 flow or you can use the lights timer and solenoid so it
only runs when the lights are on or you can just run the
CO2 24/7. The pH swings are about the same under each of
these methods and certainly not troublesome. The 24/7
method is the easiest and simplest but uses a bit more gas
than the other two methods. runing 24/7 the pH might differ
by about 0.2 units between the "pre-dawn" peak and the
afternoon/evening lowpoint.

Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.
--- Sandra Derrick <mygenericemailname at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good
> site to veiw a diagram of a pressurized Co2 setup? I
> have never seen/set one up myself (and plan on setting
> up a new tank w/ it) and although I have seen Co2 used
> on reef tanks (calcium reactor) I wanted to get a look
> at a good diagram and/or pictures of good set-ups to
> help iron out any questions I might have pertaining to
> propper set up. I am hoping to have a Ph controller as
> well so including info about those would also be
> great.

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