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RE: [APD] re water changes

> >>Then why am I (and many others) adding KNO3 to my planted
> >>tank 3x a week? Or have I misunderstood your post?
> >>
> >>If I don't add KNO3, I quickly reach 0 Nitrates.
> >>    
> >>
> > 
> >You just answered your own question.
> >
> >-Nick
> >
> Okay, I guess my previous post was kinda presumptuous. I've 
> never seen 
> growth like that in my own tank. I started adding KN03, but after 
> testing found that was a no-no. In my tank it builds up on 
> it's own and 
> water changes are necessary in two weeks to keep the levels 
> sane. I've 
> got relatively low light however, so that is likely it.

It seems that maybe you are mixing two different methods.  You are
adding KNO3 3x a week, yet not wanting to do water changes?  Dosing
nutrients at relatively high levels should be accompanied by WEEKLY
water changes.  If you only want to do changes every 2-3 weeks, try
adding small amounts of KNO3 once a week.


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