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Re: [APD] External co2 Reactors/Flow Reduction

Eheim designs tend to favor relatively low water flow
relative to canister size when compared to other brands of
canister filter.

You might consider a Filstar or a Via Aqua as a reactor
driver. The Eccos don't have a lot of oomph but I would
expect a 2231 to work with a reactor. Before buying another
filter I would try teeing off a line to the reactor--the
reactor shouldn't require much water flow, and that will
lower the overall resitant to flow that the Ehiem "sees".

It shouldn't matter whether the reeactor is on the intake
or output side of the filter since the resistance to flow
is the same either way and it's all the same water line. On
the output side, theoretically, the vapor pressure is
higher and a high concnetration of CO2 attainable, although
the diff should be so small as to not be noticeable.

Scott H.
--- RJ Skall <rjskall2 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Before the Easter Weekend, I was lamenting my problem
> using an external co2 
> reactor on the intake side of a canister filter. Scott
> Hieber had kindly 
> replied, "What model Eheim are you using? What's the
> media in the filter?"
> In my 20L, I have an Eheim Ecco 2231 (rated for up to 35g
> tanks/127gph with 
> standard Ecco coarse pad/sintered glass/fine pad) that
> wasn't able to keep 
> up?the flow was a sad trickle by the end of the reactor
> body. I even tried 
> shortening the reactor from 12? to about 6". I tried this
> on the outflow 
> side with similar results. Here are two thumbnail pics:
> http://www.ciaga.org/co2.htm
> In the July-Sept ?04 issue of the AGA journal, Ghazanfar
> Ghori wrote about 
> excellent results with an external reactor on the intake
> side of his Eheim 
> 2026 (up to 92g tanks/172 gph) on his 75g tank.
> Reggie Bustinza from this forum has a beautiful 29g tank
> with a very 
> effective external reactor on the OUT-flow side using an
> Eheim Pro 2224 (up 
> to 75g tanks/185 GPH).
> This gph difference between the three setups above and
> their tank size has 
> me confused why my results are so different. Fuzzy
> mathmatics?
> I want to use this method instead of my internal reactor
> because the noise 
> from my Rio90 is too loud in my shoebox-sized apartment.
> And because I'm 
> intrigued by the dissolution Ghazanfar describes and
> results which I've seen 
> in Reggie?s tank.
> I don't mind paying for another canister (I will use the
> old one on another 
> tank) but have an AWFUL record of bad luck when I think
> I've ?purchased a 
> solution" to a problem. Based on the examples above, what
> would be the best 
> specs for my setup? I know I could buy the biggest filter
> out there, but 
> hoped you folks could make some recommendations?or
> please, let me know if I 
> missed the point somewhere as usual :-)
> Cheers!
> RJ
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