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Re: [APD] Re: dirt and non CO2

I will add that when I originally did slow gorwth tanks,
trying to rely on fish food, the LaMotte tests always
showed a paucity of PO4. These were not dirt tanks. I
stopped relying of fish food for adequate PO4 -- maybe if I
only had very slow growing plants. But my plants looked
better when I boosted the PO4.

--- Thomas  Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

> If you look at fish waste, it's too heavy in N and not
> enough PO4, while plants will do okay with PO4 limited
> stress, adding a tad once a week will relieve that in a
> non CO2 tank system. This will allow much improved growth
> from all species, not just a few that don't do so well
> with her approach to non CO2.

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