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[APD] Re: Red Rainbows


Sorry, I misread your post - you only have the 2 males. If the less dominant one is being bullied too much you may have to remove him. However this is rarely necessary if the tank is large enough and has enough cover in the form of plants or wood.


Bruce (Hansen)

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I have 6 New Guinea red rainbows.  Today I added duckweed to their
tank.  The big cow of a female (biggest of
the six; I'm guessing it's a female) was grazing steadily on it soon.
None of the others seemed to pay it any

It looks like 2 of the six are males, judging by their color.  One of
them is really bossy.  It is continually driving
the other colorful one away.  I have the impression that he doesn't like
competition.  Is that normal for
rainbows?  I am concerned that it will stress the other one out.  I
thought they would all school together.

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