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Re: [APD] Swagelok B-SS4-A

Thank you Jerry, I do remember McMaster-Carr from when I was working, but I had forgotten it. Today I did some disassembly of the valve and find it has 1/8 inch SwageLok male fitting ends, and the barbs are made with 1/8 inch plain tube ends that fit into the Swagelok fitting ends. So, I have to use a barb fitting with a plain 1/8 inch tube end. Some more downloading of SwageLok catalogs led me to a 1/8 inch barb with 1/8 inch tube end and I ordered a couple of them from the local supplier, who is only 80 miles away. Of course that meant I had to order replacement SwageLok rings too, but they are cheap. Now I can use my model airplane fuel tubing for a necklace or something and buy a piece of the next larger fuel tubing, which is about 1/8 inch ID. That fuel tubing looks like it is a silicone material but the store clerk didn't seem too sure about that. The store has three diameters of the tubing, small, medium and large. I asked if the small had a 2 mm bore and the clerk looked at me like I was speaking Swahili or something! So, my valve cost me $26 and so far the fittings are about $18.

On Friday, April 1, 2005, at 06:47 PM, Jerry Smith wrote:

Try McMaster-Carr. They have a huge catalog of all sorts of items. They have things I've never seen anywhere else. And almost always have it in stock. Go to www.mcmaster.com and look at pages 111-118 for barbed tube fittings with threaded ends. The smallest I saw on the first page was for a 1/16 inch pipe by 1/16 ID tube in various plastics. Prices would be in the $4.00 range for a pack of 10 fittings. They don't have a minimum order and have several warehouses around the country for faster shipping. I am not connected with them in any way other than being a good and satisfied customer. We get same day delivery by their delivery service at work for orders placed before 11:00 AM for no extra charge.

I will say that I don't like looking at their online catalog because it is too slow with my dial up service here at home. I have a printed catalog at work. You won't get one of those though because they only go to companies or very large customers. It is the same one you see online.

Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ

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