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Re: [APD] RE: Why doesn't algae grow?

Liz said a bit too seriously on Apr 1st:

> >> And if so, what doesn't the algae like?

I said:
> >Because you are being mean to the algae and doesn't like you.

Richard sez:

> Nah that's not it. I've violated the Geneva convention against
> many species, phyla and kingdoms of algae and it still loved me.

You are just too likeable Richard. Algae can sense you really love them and
know your bluffing.

I'm from the USA, what is "the Geneva convention"? :-)

Tom Barr

www.BarrReport.com    Plant Fest 2005 has a trip to Everglades Aquatic
plant nursery+Tampa's public aquarium.(July 8-15, 2005). See plecos loose
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