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[APD] Re: Rainbowfish


In most small schools of rainbowfish there will be a dominant male - fortunately you have 4 males to lessen the aggression being concentrated on only one other who dares to be dominant. The presence of females makes the problem of aggression greater as often several males together will be OK. You could consider adding more fish to the school (not necessarily the same species) if the tank will carry the bioload OK, or perhaps removing the spare males to another tank by themselves. The presence of competetive other males usually increases displays and colour in the dominant male.

In my opinion the best photographs in the world of rainbowfishes are by Gunther Schmida and when he borrows fish from hobbyists for his shots he always tries to get a pair and a spare male of similar or slightly smaller size to encourage dominance displays and best colour. Usually as long as there is enough space, plants for cover and a few other "victims" there is no lasting harm done. In the heat of the chase jumping may occur so an effective cover is necessary.

Hope that helps


Bruce (Hansen)

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I have 6 New Guinea red rainbows.  Today I added duckweed to their
tank.  The big cow of a female (biggest of
the six; I'm guessing it's a female) was grazing steadily on it soon.
None of the others seemed to pay it any

It looks like 2 of the six are males, judging by their color.  One of
them is really bossy.  It is continually driving
the other colorful one away.  I have the impression that he doesn't like
competition.  Is that normal for
rainbows?  I am concerned that it will stress the other one out.  I
thought they would all school together.

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