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[APD] Re: External co2 Reactors/Flow Reduction

Tomoko wrote:
"Hi RJ...I am using a powerhead to feed my external CO2 reactor (Tom Barr's old
model). A Rio 800 that came with it became so noisy with a slight amount of
a head pressure that I replaced it with a small Via Aqua pump."

Tomoko - Do you mean you are running a seperate loop (exclusive of your filter) with an external "hang on" reactor but an internal powerhead? I didn't quite understand.

The original reason I posted this question was to eliminate the powerhead altogether. I'm starting to wonder if the Ecco series aren't just too wimpy? They seem to be among the cheapest of the Eheim canisters...

I figured more folks out there had overcome the problem of reduced flow while using a canister filter/external reactor setup and just wanted to know how they did so. And why two filters rated the same have totally different results using this setup.


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