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[APD] why doesn't algae grow?

Last night I got hit with a question I couldn't answer: why doesn't algae 
grow in my tanks. I had a brief problem with algae -- some hair and BBA. 
Hair algae cleared up when I dosed more and BBA was suddenly not in the tank 
one day about a month after increasing the CO2 content slightly. It hasn't 
come back. I credit Tom Barr with both the plant growth and lack of algae.
 What made the question tough to answer is that the answer to the question 
is clearly not "good plant growth". Yes, there is good plant growth, but 
given that there are sufficient nutrients, light, CO2, etc. then why is 
there also nice algae growth? What is it that is stopping the algae from 
growing? Is allelopathy at work? Or is there something about the conditions 
that give rise to good plant growth that make for a hostile environment for 
algae? And if so, what doesn't the algae like?

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