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[APD] substrate and substrate heating

I am about to set up a 75 gallon, which I hope to
heavily plant.  Over the past month I have been
cogitating over the substrate, and I have come to the
conclusion, after initial skepticism, that having
substrate heating coils is worth a shot.  It seems to
me to that to maximize the effectiveness the substrate
should have a high cation exchange capacity.  I have
been considering using vermiculite covered by

My first question is:  Where does this stuff (or
anyother substrate) go in relation to the heating
cables.  Should something go under the coils (like
clay)?  Should the vermiculite surround the coils
(above and below)?  Maybe my problem is my inability
to visualize how the cables are set up or how close
they are to the bottom.

My second question is:  Am I off-base in thinking of a
layer of vermiculite under a layer of flourite? 
Should I put something between (like dirt)?  Or should
I just suck it up and use only Flourite?


Darrell Fennell

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