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[APD] How long before complete strip down

I have been battling a BGA problem for about six months I have tried more and more No3 + k etc . blackouts etc etc
this tank has been set up for about 4 years and was going great (photos of tank then http://www.users.bigpond.com/dmwilliams/photo.htm  ) until we had a water shortage 12 months ago  (Water from tap was unusable 650ppm in hardness could not even use it on the garden as it would kill anything it touched )
so I was using RO and adding all of the rest of the minerals etc.
then six months ago the BBA started and I beat that but then the BGA started and it has been down hill form there.
 so my question is  do I need to start all over again , strip it all down and start again

Now tank specs
500 litres all glass no lids
280watts of Fluro lighting (10 to 12 hours)
pressure co2 through a 2000l / hour reactor
two 1200l / hour canister filters
Kh 130ppm
PH 6.8
No3 25ppm

Weekly 50 % water changes
add KNo3  (5g twice a day) otherwise the reading is 0 and the BGA is extreme
add K2so4 every third day 10g
add Mgso4 every third day 5g
iron and trace on water change

I am back to using tap water aged for two weeks in a plastic tank the tap water is 110 ppm Kh with a PH of 7.6

Thanking you for any assistance
                                              Dean (outback OZ)
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