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[APD] Re: high pH and plants

If you raise your pH you will want to add some Excel to keep your plants  
But a better option is to keep your pH lower around 7.2 and raise your KH  
with baking soda at water changes so your plants will have plenty CO2.
I have done this both ways in the past, the plant growth was good with  Excel 
with the pH around 8.2, but it's a whole lot better with lower pH and  adding 
I was very concerned about lowering the pH from 8.2 to 7.2 as to what  affect 
it would have on my African Cichlids health and color, most of my fish  were 
wild caught. 
After lowering the pH I didn't see and ill effects on my fish or any change  
in color. They breed many times and the fry were also healthy.
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