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[APD] Re: This Pesky Duckweed

Goldfish and koi eat duckweed, but I doubt they'll get it all. I've used a wet-vac to remove duckweed from my tanks. I snake a piece of 1/2" tubing, such as the tubing from a gravel-vacuum, into the wet-vac's pick-up hose to give me better control. Then I use it to vacuum the duckweed off the surface. It's quick and easy. Inevitably, there will be pieces of duckweed, trapped underneath other plant leaves or out of sight, that will float to the surface later. So repeat the vacuuming every day until the duckweed is gone and doesn't come back. It takes a few days at most and works to completely rid a tank of duckweed. It's the only foolproof method that I've found.

Mike Wickham

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