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[APD] Re: dirt, moderate CO2, and moderate light

RM: "Please don't use the subject of posts to Diana's forum at AB as an indicator of problems with her method. Sites like AquaBotanic exist mostly to help people with problems, so the posts are about problems."

Point taken.

RM: "Judging from the content of letters here one might wonder why anyone tries to grow plants in aquariums."

Heh, no kidding.

TW: "I was just commenting that Walstad's method isn't as carefree as it might seem because the definition of 'dirt' is not there yet."

RM: "I'll agree that soil-based tanks are not entirely care-free. I'm not sure that the definition of "dirt" has much to do with it. Commerical substrates available these days are pretty variable, and I don't see that variations in dirt cause many more problems than variations between different sorts of commercial products."

See the discussion about the 'power' in Amano's Power Sand. I think the jury is still way out on the optimal substrate.

RM: "Besides, Diana does encourage people to use potting soil. That narrows the definition of 'dirt' pretty substantially."

Don't think so, but that's why there's the discussion to begin with.


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