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[APD] RE: Amano tanks and non CO2 methods

Robert wrote:

> There are many people interested in her 
> methods for various reasons, most of all I think because they want a no 
> nonsense, less time consuming approach to be able to simply enjoy plants
> watch them grow, not striving to have an "Amano like" tank. That dosen't 
> mean they do not  have to face the same problems the rest of us do in 
> fighting algae and other issues. 

Well, I'd suggest that you can have an ADA style tank without CO2/Excel, it
just takes longer for the plants to grow in if you approach it knowing what
the plants need at higher growth rates where the nutrient needs are much
easier to tease apart.
Algae issues are slower, just like the plant growth, algae and plants both
prefer CO2.

I think folks can improve the non CO2/Excle approach with minimal effort, a
simple plan of dosing a little KNO3/KH2PO4 and SeaChem EQ (don't worry,
unless you have a massive tank, you will not use much over the course of a
year) once every week or two does the trick nicely and relieves the plant
stunting that occurs in many species due to nutrient limitations. Many easy
to grow agressive plants do well in non CO2 tanks, but there are many that
don't, but if you give them what they need (fish food alone does not
accomplish this nor does dirt after a few months), they will grow well,
just slowly. 
I have some very nice Alternathera reineckii, deep blood red, quite
healthy, micro tennellus sword carpet etc.

Scaping takes longer, but heck, it's much easier, no water changes, no CO2.

Tom Barr

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