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[APD] Re:Re: dirt, moderate CO2, and moderate light

Looking at the posts in Walstad's section over at the AB forums, I see a
lot of people there having long term problems with her method. It appears
to me that those problems stem from the definition of 'dirt' and all the
results from variations of its composition. I see Tom Barr's approach as
being more reliable and simple because the variables can be identified,
quantified and controlled. To me, growing plants underwater seems to be
more closely related to hydroponics than houseplants. The professional
hydroponics folks remove the 'dirt' variable as well.

I don't see that in Dianas forum at all. What I do see is her forum is one of the most active on my WEB site. There are many people interested in her methods for various reasons, most of all I think because they want a no nonsense, less time consuming approach to be able to simply enjoy plants and watch them grow, not striving to have an "Amano like" tank. That dosen't mean they do not have to face the same problems the rest of us do in fighting algae and other issues. What "long term" problems are you reffering to? Perhaps it would be more helpfull for you to be more specific. I also do not see comparing any method to hydroponics as any valid comparison. Hydroponics uses a method for one thing and one thing only...rapid growth. This is achieved by injecting a very high nutrient solution, and a slow drip C02 solution at the roots while at the same time having the leaf growth in the atmosphere. The only reason people choose the "Barr" method, or PMDD, or the Walstad method is to either control algae or to find a more cost saving method. Hydroponics has no concern for algae, and is definetly not cheap, so there is no comparison between a aquarium soil based method and hydroponics. It is two entirely different worlds. Personaly, I do a combination of the Walstad and high tech method, but thats just me.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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