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Re: [APD] Re: dirt, moderate CO2, and moderate light

I totally agree. I was just trying to clarify what I understood Mrs. Walstad's intentions and methods to be.

And food for thought: In light of our recent discussion on well water having high co2 and probably other good levels of nutrients and minerals etc etc... (She stated that she has and uses well water at her home) this may be another reason for her success when others have failed. Or not, there are many variables. I live in the same town, but close enough to get city water. You don't have to go too far south to start needing well water here. My parents live about 30 minutes away and probably get similar well water to her's. I can't attest to how well it grows aquatic plants, but it tastes good going down ;]

One of these days I'd like to experiment with my parent's well water in a small tank, but then I'd have to visit more often. ;/

-derek parr

Tom Wood wrote:
DP: "So, to summarize: from what I understood, Diana is more interested in simplicity and minimal work after the setup, and a little science to see if some of her theories make sense. In contrast, I'd say that Tom Barr is ALOT more interested in the science and the proving of theories aspect of the hobby."

Looking at the posts in Walstad's section over at the AB forums, I see a lot of people there having long term problems with her method. It appears to me that those problems stem from the definition of 'dirt' and all the results from variations of its composition. I see Tom Barr's approach as being more reliable and simple because the variables can be identified, quantified and controlled. To me, growing plants underwater seems to be more closely related to hydroponics than houseplants. The professional hydroponics folks remove the 'dirt' variable as well.


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