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[APD] Tanganyika shell-dweller tank

Hi Folks,

I'm putting together a Tanganyika shell-dweller tank in a 55G.  I love
watching shellies.  The tank needs a sand bottom and lots of shells
which doesn't leave a lot of room for plants.  I'm thinking of keeping
the pH on the low side for a rift lake tank -- around 7.8.  It will
have a high GH from rift lake salt mix.

I'm trying to come up with a "wall o' plants" -- either plants
attached to cork or held up by mesh.  The wall o' plants would leave
the bottom open for the colony while helping providing a little
architectural interest.  The plants I most often hear about grown in
rift lake tanks are java fern, vals and java moss.  Has anyone here
grown plants in one of these style tanks?  What worked and what
didn't? Suggestions from anyone, including people who haven't tried it
but have thought about it, are welcome.


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