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[APD] Help Requested for My Tank

I have a 66 gallon planted tank that I set up two years ago.  This was prior
to my finding this list, and without much knowledge of the requirements of a
planted tank.  I have been lurking on the list for about 18 months :-)  My
tank was mainly set up as a home for my four fancy goldfish, but I do love
the look of a nicely planted tank.

It is lit with four 40 watt fluorescent tubes (full spectrum), gravel
substrate, ph of about 8.    The tank is planted with easy to grow plants
which grow quite well, however I do have more algae than I would like.  The
tanks looks good when just viewing casually, but up close, the algae is
quite apparent.

Over the last two years, I have used various approaches.  I did try DIY CO2,
but wasn't happy with the ph fluctuations, so I switched to Excel which I
dose daily.   I have been dosing with 1 ml PMDD daily, 1 ml potassium daily,
plus 6 ml Excel.  My plants are generally growing well, with a couple of
exceptions.  I do have a problem with the vallisneria.  The tops break off
at the surface of the water.  Also, I can't seem to grow java fern (strange
as that may seem).  The leaves seem to turn brown and become skeletonized.

My most successful plants are the red tiger lotus (nymphaea).  These do
really well for me, and don't seem to be bothered with algae.  The tank is
currently planted with hygrophila polysperma, nymphaea, vallisneria,
cryptocorne wendtii, vesicularia dubyana, microsorium pteropus and
hydrocotyle leucocephala.

Any suggestions for dosing of ferts that could help me control the algae and
have better plant growth, particularly with the vallisneria and microsorium?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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