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[APD] Re: moderate CO2 and moderate light

>I think there's something conceptually attractive about the -idea- of the 
>balanced tank and soil substrates that makes them seem more natural. When 
>there's really nothing natural about growing weeds in a glass box at all. 

I agree.
On some level it makes sense to add what is found(dirt) where it comes from.
So that is something somewhat reasonable as well.
The main attraction: they are cheap.
Cost is king with many.

Which is why I suggest less light rather than less CO2 if you plan on using the CO2 at all.


>PS: Regarding CO2, I like the third way with moderate light and -some- CO2. 
>Slow stable growth and easy to manage, plus the plants filter the nitrates 
>produced by the fish, which is why I got started on this anyway. 

How about low light and high CO2?
That works better IMO having done both.
Light is the main input of energy, not CO2.
While less CO2 can be used, it does not drive the growth slower to the same extent as light.

Plants have a greater light use efficency when you have ample CO2. High CO2 with low light also gives the lowest chance of algal issues.
So you waste your light with less CO2, and get slower growth.
Or you can add more CO2 and use less light and less chance for algae.
Which is better? Less light will save you more on intial cost, electric bills, bulb replacements, heat.

See and review all the low CO2 algae related + moderate to high light problems folks have.....
Show one BBA issue that is not related in some way to CO2.
What is "moderate"? 15ppm? 30ppm? 2w/gal? 1.5 w/gal? 

There are the high CO2 adapted plants or non CO2 enriched adapted plants.
Having something in between is going to be hard to hit, you may have hit the spot for your tank with your goal, but it'd be better and healthier with adding more CO2 and less light. That much I can certainly generalize having done both for a number of years. You'd still get the same growh rate. 
I think if you try this out on folks and try a few more tanks, you'll find the same thing and pattern.

You can refer to Claus' article on the Tropica site as well for CO2 and low light. We said the same thing independently a few years ago on the APD.

With less light, you also have less CO2 demand as well............so that would improve the moderate CO2 dosing as well.....eitherway, less light is going to improve things (down to a LCP) if less growth and a more robust flexible dosing routine is desired.

Tom Barr

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