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[APD] Re: Non CO2 and dosing

Thanks for all of those informative comments!

I am moved to set up a 10 gallon tank with plain 2mm - 3mm gravel as the
substrate.  The starting water will be very soft and acid, collected from
the outflow of a local woodland swamp.

I will dose Seachem Eq at the start to adjust the GH/KH,
then add KNO3 and PO4 to establish appropriate levels of those nutrients,
and then add a little Flourish.  I'll monitor hardness and nutrient levels
and add more as required.

The tank will have 2 wpg.   I'll use rapidly growing (in theory <g>) stem
plants and some rooted crypts and dwarf swords. The tank will be stocked
with 10 to 15 small fish.

And we'll see what happens.


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