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[APD] When good plants go bad.

Hi All, 


I am a long time lurker on the list, and had it turned off for the last year
or so - but I am now active again, as I have setup my "new" 92G corner


I live in Tracy, CA, which is in the San Joaquin Valley and has pretty hard
water and high pH out of the tap.  I do nothing to mitigate the hardness
(that is a losing battle, IMHO), but since there was 110W CF over my
previous  30G and now 400W MH + 52W CF  over the 92G,  I use CO2 injection
to lower the pH and help the plants..I couldn't imagine all that light
without CO2.  Plant growth in the 30G was spectacular - I even parceled out
a bunch of Windelov Java Fern to interested list a couple of years back.


The reason for this email is that I have an Anubia Nana that had literally
taken over the bottom of the old 30g - having partial shade from a large
sword plant (that is another story) and given lots of room to grow.  Pulling
up the Anubia literally took up the entire carpet of other plants that had
insinuated themselves into its feathery root system - it is approximately
24" long and 8" tall/wide.


So here is my question, I would like to divide up this plant into at least 2
or 3 pieces - a couple to keep in the new aquarium, and some to trade and/or
take back to the store for credit. how does one divide the rhizome?  At what
place - mid-point between leaves? At the start of a leaf?  With what
instrument?  What are the chances of 3 viable pieces?


And while I am at it, does any one have a 92G corner out there and what are
their experiences?  How did you do the aquascaping?  Anyone in my area have
plants tanks and cope with the water out here?  Although I injected CO2 and
had lots of light over the 30g, I rarely fertilized and as a result I had
waves of algae and periods of beautiful tanks. I aim to keep this one better


The tank is newly setup and only has a couple of plants in it at the moment,
the aforementioned sword, a bunch of rotala macandra, and the Anubia. of
course I plan on planting the tank well. but if anyone had some suggestions
that do well in a curved corner aquarium.  I do have Bosemani Rainbows,
Clown Loaches, Cardinals, and a bristle nose pleco. I plan on adding a
schwack of oto's for algae control over the weekend.


Sorry for the long post and many questions.. but I am eager to get the new
aquarium up and running!


Best regards,





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