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Re: [APD] Re: Co2 Reactors - specific questions about flow

S. Hieber wrote:

Didn't your Eheim spray bar come with a cap in the end
already? I thought you were using your own cap because you
were inserting the CO2 line there -- although the cap that
Eheim provides could be drilled.

No, it's much simpler than that, I lost my original Ehime end cap. I blame it on a feline house mate. Uncertain which one, but either one of them enjoys small things that bat easily with a paw. Also, I'm not coming in from that side with the C02, I drilled the bar itself. The incoming CO2 bubble is streeeetched by the passing rush of water. The longer the bubble stretched, the more surface area and the more infusion is achieved... so I've noticed. If it stretches too far, a bubble will break off and sit against the end cap. If enough of them sit on the capped end, they eventually get pushed out the last exhaust point and wasted. So, the infusion rate is limited by how far you can streeetch the CO2 bubble without having the end of it break off.

Thinking now, if I were to angle the spraybar down, I would likely be able to acheive a better infusion rate.

- Chris.

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