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Re: [APD] Re: Picture of Alligator Gar

JimK wrote:

I'm guessing you're not a fisher-person?
Neither am I, but I used to be, and I used to enjoy it.
Have you seen the fellows that fish with their bare hands, in the muddy shallows of the Mississippi, feeling around for giant catfish, then sticking their hands in the fishes mouth, making a fist, and trying to pull them out?
I think it's a testosterone thing.
I wouldn't mind watching, though--as long as they practiced "catch and release".
No hooks, even. Hard to say who would be hurt more by the experience.


Yeah I used to fish too. I grew up on 140 acres of riverfront property. I'm so pissed with my dad selling it. The creek that ran to the river located just beside the house was another playpoint. Minows! My uncle had his own creek and it was my first exposure to an aquarium. He would keep his trapped minows in a 50 gal tank with megga filtration going on. They turned my creek into a sanctuary when I could not id some stupid minnow and brought the MNR in. They declared it a sancturary when they identified them as sturgeon minnows in _MY_ creek. Oh well. That ended my trapping minnows until I learned you could import them from other countries and keep them in glass tanks. One day I would like to keep a native tank, and if I were still living beside the creek you can bet I would have had a tank with all the life in there up in the house. Rocks, grasses, three types of minnows (yellow, red shiners and sticklebacks) as well as crayfish. Waterbugs too.

- Chris.
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