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Re: [APD] Re: Co2 Reactors - specific questions about flow

Dave Gomberg wrote:

At 16:03 3/23/2005, RJ Skall asked:

2. Those of you with internal reactors - what brands are super-quiet or how
did you get around the noise issue?

RJ, those of us who use Ehiem (or other sintered glass diffusors) have total quiet and near invisible injection, whether our filter is running or not. Might be worth a look.....

My solution was to drill into the ehiem spraybar to feed the CO2 directly and then cap the end. This is working out exteremely well for me. The cap was from a test tube I had lying around included in an aquarium phamecuticals test kit. It took me all of 5 minutes to drill the hole, feed in the tube and adjust the output appropriately. This method drops the pH to 6.8 during the day (6.4 lights off) with my KH at 95ppm. My calculations indicate this is roughtly 25ppm C02 infusion achieved at 8bb/min in my 65Gal tank. No additonal hardware, noise or cost.


Here is a pic, the C02 feed is on the right of the spraybar. Pardon the poor photography. I took this without flash or a tripod. This is the first shot I got and didn't bother to really work at it.

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