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Re: [APD] Sagittaria Subulata For Sale

janhal wrote:

Sorry Chris, been so busy attempting to get my tank up with fish that live more then two days that I did not have time to look at yours. It looks great and I sure wish that mine looked that good. Yes, I will take some short Sagittaria Subulata. Let me know how much I owe for the plants & postage/shipping. I hope to grows as good in my tank as it does in yours. Watch for a off list email with my name and address. THANKS!


Good god, Hal what are you doing to your fish that's causing them to die off? Have you cycled your tank before adding fish? Patience is required. When I set up a new tank, I let it run for 48hrs, then add "Cycle" (a product containing Nitrifying Bacteria only) to it and run for a couple days more. Then throw in some goldfish and if they make 2 weeks, then consider adding plants. Once plants are in for another two weeks then start considering what fish to put in. I also add no more than 20% of the tanks maximum load every 24 hours. This lets the filters bioload adjust. You can't go wrong with that formula.

As for selling, it's not me! I'm not selling! I'm looking for trade. Kevin Sheller is the originator of this thread and he is doing the selling. My local temperatures have finally started staying above the freezing point and I wouldn't have considered shipping plants until then.<http://www.theweathernetwork.com/Weather/Cities/Can/Pages/CAON0536.htm> I've also never shipped plants before. I've seen posted you just put them in ziplocks with a bit of water and the air removed? Is that right?

Kevin? Some pics? That will stimulate some sales I'm certain.

- Chris.
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