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[APD] stability and nutrient competition.

Bob Zink wrote:
"Until one day I realized that I had been resting too long on my laurels.
Gradually, I had been "mowing" more and more Val, and fishing out more and
more dead crypt leaves each week, until all of a sudden I realized that my
crypts had all shrunken down to a fraction of their former glory. Again, I
relied on the wise words from APD, and the Valisneria was heavily thinned."

This made me think about my own experience ( also with great tanks to the
list )
 I have noticed some issues keeping plant growth stable over time. I am not
referring to battling against algae because I have little issues. I just
notice that certain groups of plants may boom for a few months, giving you
the joy to create a carpet or wall of plants in no time, all fresh green
colour, no spots etc.... But for no apparant reason this usually affect my
other plant groups.
I used to have a booming hemianthus corner , at that time E. tenellus had a
tough time taking off. For some reason , a few months later my hemianthus
started having a harder time, it became a particle trap or wouldn't grow
back fast after trimming. The Tenellus took over at that time,  I had a
"different" carpet.  The Anubias that is attached to the wall goes through
growth spurts of 2-3 weeks than stallls for a few weeks.
Last weekend I decided dramatic changes and cut 2/3 of the footprint
carpets and replanted fresh shoots only. The anubias takes off like crazy
and I hope I restore the vigorous growth of BOTH hemianthus and tenellus. (
I lost my glossostigma carpet to tenellus invasion )

When I see the planted tanks on contest pictures,  all plants species in
one tank seem to be healthy and growing fast, even fast stem plants
together with lush green Anubias . What do I miss here? I am using estimate
index method with WC's ( CO2, medium light 75 G tank )

suisoman Dirk

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