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Re: [APD] Most tapwater has little CO2

>This thread started with someone using well water and then got smudged over 
>into a general discussion about water changes providing CO2 that might 
>include any tapwater. Most municipal water systems try to remove as much 
>CO2 as possible because they want the water to be less acidic on the pipes. 
>Our water comes out of the tap at pH 9.8, but then drops to pH 7.6 when 
>left out as it absorbs CO2 from the air. So doing water changes with water 
>directly from the tap in an effort to provide CO2 would be 
>counter-productive. All tapwater isn't the same.

Fwiw, all tapwater I've ever had: Burlingto, Waterloo, Toronto Ont,
and Los Angeles (PV) all had serious amounts of CO2. So does my well
water here. I think it's the pressurization that does this, which you can
easily demonstrate to yourself with a python.


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