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[APD] Re: Let's Go Fishing

Now all you good ol' boys don't get your trailer hitches out of alignment. My best friends, including my brothers in law are all rednecks. I agree with Derek's observiation: I love to fish, dive, keep fish tanks, eat sushi (though not out of my own tanks).

I also didn't look far enough on the fishing web site. I take it all back! Let's go fishing!



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Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 21:33:47 -0500
From: Derek Parr <derekparr at earthlink_net>
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you may assume too much.
I know lots of fishermen and women who dig aquariums.

I think its often the same thing that causes people to devote large
amounts of their time to catching fish when they just end up throwing
them back as well as putting them in a glass box and staring at them.
Not very different hobbies when you think about it.  Both seem to be
caused by the same interest, believe it or not.

I'll try to ignore the redneck-a-phobia out of politeness.

-derek parr

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