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RE: [APD] To pearl or not to pearl...


Yesterday I wrote:

> I took two samples:
> The first, what I will call the warm sample, is water from my kitchen tap
> that is mixed, hot and cold to match the aquarium temperature. This is what
> I use to do water changes. The second sample is cold tap water.
> Warm sample:
> 75 F
> pH 7.2
> KH 16
> Cold sample:
> 49.5 F
> pH 7.1
> KH 14
> Thanks for your help, I'll retest the pH again tomorrow and post the
> results. 
> -- 

Sure enough, there has been a pH rise in the samples. Both have gone to pH
8.1, or 3.813 and 3.336 ppm CO2 respectively, within the range of what would
be expected at equilibrium.
I used the calculator at Chuck's Planted Aquarium Pages

So it appears my well water has 33.362 ppm CO2 out of the cold tap and
slightly less, 30.286 ppm CO2, when mixed with hot to 75 F.

The next step is to sample the aquarium water immediately after my 50% water
change and find out exactly how much CO2 the plants are actually seeing. If
anyone is interested, tell me and I can let you know then.
Thanks for everyone's help,
Bob Zink

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