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Re: [APD] Re: Gar photo

Bill D wrote:

Chris said, "Maybe it's just me, but I think it's some pretty sick shit. The
rest of that site is too."

As long as the fish are taken legally and they are consumed, I don't see
anthing wrong with it.  If they are just used to prove one's skill as a
fisher and discarded unused, then keeping those fish is reprehensible, in my


I used to be an avid angler, loved the fight, the kill, the eating... etc. Now I only enjoy the eating. I've become an end product of modern society, living in the city for too long. I can't stand to think of what is involved in the acquisition of my juicy steak. Likewise since taking on fish keeping I just can't stomach killing fish for sport or consumption for that matter. However, I will readily eat fish or flesh of any sort without delay if presented in the form of fine cuisine. I know it's not logically sound, but oddly enough, that's how I feel.

That being said, I'll never forget the rush I got back in my teens when I hooked what I can only suspect was a mammoth sturgeon. When the canoe spun around and the line snapped it left my bother in-law and I wondering what it might have been for the rest of our natural lives.

Nowadays, my life is different. For example, I don't much care for spiders or insects in the house, as they will likely multiply and take over if given the chance, but I _will not_ kill them senselessly. I believe they have just as much right to life as I do. So, I just relocate them. Same with rodents or any other form of life that cares to enter my home. On the other hand it hasn't been a problem. Our cats definitely do enjoy senseless killing quite a bit and I even get a great deal of joy coaxing their enthusiasm. I believe it to be their form of artistic expression: creating dead things. *laugh*

During the summer indoors it can be a good span of time between bug sightings. I'm certain this can be attributed to the feline members of our family, since we use no other form of control. Wild rodent or snake sightings have been 0 thus far and I suspect that will continue to be the case so long as they remain with us. The neighbour on the other hand has issues with rodent nesting in his garage. I must remember to ask him to desist from using poisons and lend him a cat or something.

- Chris.

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