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[APD] Re: low-cost nano tank source?

Shireen is looking for a low cost nano tank.

The term "nano" just means that its a tiny aquarium, although the term has exploded into popularity (no problem in that, English is a living language and constantly evolving).

But if regular retailers don't have "just" what you want, maybe its time to let your gaze wander. I was in an upscale china store a few weeks ago and discovered a wealth of possibilities. Thank God I don't use a credit card, or I'd have left the store deeply in debt.

They sell glass globes (largest size is 10" diameter) with the top sliced off, sort of like an orange. The glass is clear, thick and the cut edges are perfectly smooth, but not rounded. It will make the perfect Goldfish Bowl or home for a male Beta. They also had square dishes originally intended for nuts of candy at the table. The same heavy glass and polished top edge. I can put any substrate I choose into this dish, plant a few low light Crypts, cover the surface with a fine grade of more decorative sand, and voila, my Goldfish Bowl is now a "Nature Aquarium". Caviar servers (the lower part, which would normally hold crushed ice) also make perfect "pots" for the 10" globe.

I have some square unglazed tiles in a variety of sizes and several marble squares - they would make a perfect base to put the globe on. You can get small plastic or felt "dots" with adhesive on the back to protect your furniture. None of the squares cost more than a dollar.

Now I realize that very few of these suggestions are exactly "cheap" (the 10" globe was around $42.00 Cdn, the square dish was on sale for $10.00 Cdn, and the caviar set was $ 48.00 Cdn.)

They also had Bell Jars in various sizes. The bigger ones would be perfect to grow a Crypt emersed, or a Ceratopteris fern emersed.

Lee Valley Tools sells Glass cloches in a traditional style which are used to protect seedlings from frost on cold Spring nights. Sale use as the Bell Jars. There are 3 sizes.

But they certainly DO have style!

And now that Martha is out of Prison, it will soon be chic to be piss-elegant again!

My point is to look in unusual places for containers you can turn into a nano tank.

And do tell the salesman WHY you are looking - the guy who served me when I bought the caviar set asked "How many does sir require?" (this was a REALLY SNOTTY store) Without blinking an eye, I said "Just one, thank you." He replied, "Sir prefers to eat his caviar alone? Me - Eat caviar??? No way! I don't like those smelly, salty fish eggs. I'm going to use the lower dish to grow a plant in. He soon dropped the snotty attitude and seemed fascinated as I described my "project". The next time I pass by that store, I'm almost positive that they will have one set up on one of their display counters.

For lighting, I use High Intensity table lamps with adjustable arms. The bulbs are the same ones used in ceiling mounted track lighting and a wide variety of K ratings are available.

Good luck in your search.

James Purchase

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