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RE: [APD] To pearl or not to pearl...

Hi Robert,   

You wrote:

> Fill a shallow bowl with freshly drawn tap water.  Test the pH.  Allow to
> stand overnight to 24 hours, and then retest pH.  If the pH increased with
> standing, most of that is in response to the loss of dissolved CO2 as the
> bowl equilibrated with the overlying air.  If you check the KH of the sample
> and your pH test is fairly accurate, you can calculate the amount of CO2
> needed to provide the pH suppression seen in the freshly drawn water by use
> of the KH/pH charts.

I took two samples:

The first, what I will call the warm sample, is water from my kitchen tap
that is mixed, hot and cold to match the aquarium temperature. This is what
I use to do water changes. The second sample is cold tap water.

Warm sample:
75 F
pH 7.2
KH 16

Cold sample:
49.5 F
pH 7.1
KH 14

Thanks for your help, I'll retest the pH again tomorrow and post the
Thanks Again,

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