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[APD] RE: CO2 and tap water

Hi Tom Barr,

   You wrote:

> Ultimately it's coming from the rainwater that seep through the soil, as it
> does this, bacteria in the soil give off lots of CO2 which is imparted to
> the water, 

That makes sense.
> If you do not see at least say 50% the same pearling normally near the
> end/last 1/2 of the day, you likely are not adding enough CO2.

OK, that checks. No matter how early in the morning I do the water change, I
get strong pearling until lights out, even if the lights are left on until
midnight. Since it is a non-CO2 tank (~3WPG), I don't get any pearling at
all the other 6 days.
>> Is there a mechanism whereby the Carbon (or maybe some other element?)
> from
>> the minerals in the water is being utilized to directly or indirectly
>> stimulate the growth process?
> Yes, PO4 may be present in the tap water.
> You can add PO4 to see if the same effect occurs when you dose KH2PO4 later
> in the week right before your next water change.

I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but would you mind repeating what the
easiest/cheapest source of KH2PO4 would be for me to try as a test?

> If everything else is present in good amounts, a water change with high CO2
> and PO4 will kick pearling into very high gear.

Well, it sounds quite plausible, I look forward to following your
Bob Zink

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