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Is all "green water" created equal? (RE: [APD] To pearl or not to pearl...)

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your input!

Regarding the green water, I don¹t think it¹s algae. Let me give you a
little more information, maybe I can change your mind? This is a 10G
unplanted tank with low light. The substrate is haydite (expanded shale)
over a half-inch of peat, since it was originally intended for a planted

>From day one, the water was clear but had the color of tea, as you would
expect from the brown peat. Over the course of months, as the 40 apple
snails and 8 fish grew, the brown peat color gradually changed to a tan, to
yellow, to a greenish yellow, and finally to a yellow green. The water is
still clear, not cloudy like algae, but I could be wrong! It would be the
most benign case of algal bloom I¹ve ever seen, and I¹ve seen a few!

I was hoping to tap into a free source of aquatic plant fertilizer.

Has anyone else had any experience with a phenomenon like this?
Thanks Again,
Bob Zink

You wrote: 
> Also, I would not dump any more of the green water into your other tank.
> You are correct that it is not a bacterial bloom (which is not green at
> all).  It sounds like an algal bloom.  Not something you want to
> introduce into a tank.
> Do a google search for green water and you will see what I mean.
> -Nick

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