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Re: [APD] To pearl or not to pearl...

>Fill a 10 gallon, smooth sided container with water using the same
>method you use to fill your aquarium.  Drop a piece of rough wood in,
>keep the temperature the same as your aquarium and look to see if the
>wood gets bubbles on it.  That's outgassing.  If the wood doesn't get
>bubbles on it you can be pretty certain the bubbles are pearling.

I usually get both. I add water and the added CO2 promotes perling
in two ways: one, the added CO2 causes the plant give off more O2,
and since the water is now much more saturated with o2 than before
the O2 more readily comes out of solution in form of a bubble.

You can see the effect on perling of more O2 in a tank by shutting
off a filter and adding capful or two of h202 at one end of a tank.
You might (I did) see a plant at the other end of the tank start
perling. To me this shows the plant would have normally put
O2 into solution in the water column but since it's already
saturated it comes out of solution as a bubble. That's my
explanation anyway.


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