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[APD] RE: gar

> What size tank were you thinking about using?  See above picture.

Good point for those considering large critters.

Aro's, Red tail cats, Shovel nose cats, Wels, Sturgeon, Arapima, Pacu, a
number of SEA cats all get huge, many folks keep them in tanks this size
for many years
L oculatus gar get about 3ft in the wild, few of these fish will ever get
full size in most aquariums.

Also, not feeding them so much will also keep them at a reasonable size for
many years as well.
Planted tanks keep large fish much more calm as well. 

I think gar are fine, many fishermen consider gar trash fish. I've seem
many of them rotting near boat docks. They don't get much respect. 
I think a 180gal  is a bare minmum size for many of these fish and 240-300+
is better for the life of the animal. 
Gar can live their lives in such a tank and are quite long lived and fairly
docile, pose no problems with plants either, they glide through the weeds

I kept them due to the availability of them being native where I lived and
could keep them for awhile and feed them native fish and then return them
to the river. Over the long term, a 180 would be a min sized tank for them. 

If someone wants to crusade against gar or any fish being kept, there are
many cases where someone gets a critter that gets too much for them to
They either are abused, die, or donated to a place that can take care of

Why all this morality when we hack and prune our overgrown plants back each
Overgrown fish is bad but not over sized plants?

Where's the outcry there? 
It is a vegan conspiracy! hehe

Tom Barr

Tom Barr 


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