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RE: [APD] To pearl or not to pearl...

After water changes, there are usually lots of bubbles, but this is not
the same as "pearling."  When you put water in your tank, you are
forcing lots of air under the water.  Bubbles get trapped on leaves,
under stuff, even on the glass sides.  They then slowly make their way
to the surface.  This is not the pearling you get from rapid
photosynthesis.  This is o2 being produced by the plants and is released
too fast to disolve in the water.  This is obviously not the same as the
air bubbles forced into the water when dumping water into the tank, or
filling with a python, etc.  

Also, I would not dump any more of the green water into your other tank.
You are correct that it is not a bacterial bloom (which is not green at
all).  It sounds like an algal bloom.  Not something you want to
introduce into a tank.

Do a google search for green water and you will see what I mean.


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> Hi,
> My favorite tank is a heavily planted 20G, with medium bio 
> load, about 3 WPG, NON-CO2. I fertilize 3x weekly with 
> various commercial formulas at their low-end recommended 
> doses. I do a weekly 50% water change with hard
> (carbonate) well water. Crystal clear water, no algae 
> whatsoever. Even without CO2, the plants grow quickly. They 
> pearl heavily all day long following the water change, the 
> other six days, no pearling at all.
> I also have a tank that is not planted, with a high bio load. 
> It also gets a weekly 50% water change. This water has a 
> green tint. Not a cloudy green like an algae bloom, but like 
> clear green tea.
> I got thinking, this "green water" must be rich in natural 
> plant nutrients. So what I did, when I refilled the 
> aforementioned 20G planted tank, I used 5 gallons fresh water 
> and 5 gallons of this "green water."
> As you might expect, the plants pearled far less after the 
> water change than they normally would.
> Questions:
>  - Does the pearling really indicate an accelerated rate of growth?
>  - Is fertilizer more beneficial than the water changes?
>  - Am I nuts to try such a wacky experiment?
> -- 
> Thanks in Advance,
> Bob Zink
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