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Re: [APD] AGA workshop hotels

At 03:32 PM 3/15/05 -0800, you wrote:
>You get to voice your preference.  We are trying to put together a bid for 
>the next workshop to be in San Francisco and we have to choose between 
>three hotels.  All have nice rooms, but the rooms get a little better as 
>you pay more.   The big issue is the neighborhood.
>Hotel #1  $80 only maybe, neighborhood has homeless folks, no walkable 
>attractions, close to subway so you can get out of 
>there.   http://www.ramadaplazasf.com/main/rpsf-home.htm
>Hotel #2 $90-100 much better neighborhood, tenderloin (not so good) starts 
>3 blocks away
>Hotel #3 $110 fine **** hotel one-half block from Union Square, fine 
>shopping, cable car runs in front of hotel.

Hey, there's alwsays the Seal Rock Inn where Hunter Thompson usually stayed.
It's a bit of a dump but the ashtrays are great souveniers. The mansion-like
restaurant across the road at Seal Rock proper is out of this world though,
especially for Sunday bruch. It's a hige indoor Edwardian atrium with palms
and the whole plant thing going on.

That Japanese restaurant either in or around the corner from the
Japanese hotel on whatever that main drag these two are on is
also the cheapest and best sushi I've ever eaten. Half the price
of LA and more than twice as good. It was the only time I ate
sucho and was utterly stuffed and had money left in my wallet.


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