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[APD] AGA workshop hotels

You get to voice your preference. We are trying to put together a bid for the next workshop to be in San Francisco and we have to choose between three hotels. All have nice rooms, but the rooms get a little better as you pay more. The big issue is the neighborhood.

Hotel #1 $80 only maybe, neighborhood has homeless folks, no walkable attractions, close to subway so you can get out of there. http://www.ramadaplazasf.com/main/rpsf-home.htm

Hotel #2 $90-100 much better neighborhood, tenderloin (not so good) starts 3 blocks away

Hotel #3 $110 fine **** hotel one-half block from Union Square, fine shopping, cable car runs in front of hotel.

Given these choices, which would you pick? If you would rather tell me non-publicly feel free to reply off-list to me directly. And the reason for your choice would be quite helpful.

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