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RE: [APD] "red tiger lotus"

> I have a plant that came from the LFS that was labeled "red 
> tiger lotus".  It came out of a shipment that was being 
> unpacked at the time (mid-December), and I selected it 
> because the leaves had more of a purple color to them rather 
> than the bright red-orange-bronze color. 
> Other than the difference in color shade it looked like all 
> the other plants -- small, a few leaves of normal size, no bulb, etc.
> It is taking over my 55G aquarium.  The leaves are close to 
> the size of dinner plates -- some will fit in a quart-size 
> ziplock bags, most require a gallon size bag to lie flat.  
> Leaves are maroon -- deep magenta when they first unfurl 
> turning darker as the green develop -- and heart shaped.
> Do you folks think this is really a red tiger lotus or some 
> other plant?  

I have grown these plants for years.  They can easily get that large.  I
have one in a 55 that takes up half the tank.  The leaves are as big as
my hand.  They color can get quite deep, they sometimes almost seem
purpe, especially the underside.  If they reach the surface, they may
begin to get green streaks mixed in.  They are truly beautiful plants.


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