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[APD] "red tiger lotus"

I have a plant that came from the LFS that was labeled "red tiger
lotus".  It came out of a shipment that was being unpacked at the time
(mid-December), and I selected it because the leaves had more of a
purple color to them rather than the bright red-orange-bronze color. 
Other than the difference in color shade it looked like all the other
plants -- small, a few leaves of normal size, no bulb, etc.

It is taking over my 55G aquarium.  The leaves are close to the size
of dinner plates -- some will fit in a quart-size ziplock bags, most
require a gallon size bag to lie flat.  Leaves are maroon -- deep
magenta when they first unfurl turning darker as the green develop --
and heart shaped.

Do you folks think this is really a red tiger lotus or some other plant?  


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