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Re: [APD] Water Changes and Crypt Rot

Seems crypts can be stubborn about becoming well
established, but once they do, 50% weekly water changes
didn't phase them in my tanks. I eventually had to go the
machete route to keep C. wentii from reaching the top of a
24" tank.

I kept them moderately well dosed with traces and macros.

So water changes alone aren't necessarily a cause of

Althoguh not all my tnaks had or have added CO2, like any
submerged plant, crypts are happier with added CO2.

Have plants, have,
--- Vaughn Hopkins <hoppy1 at surewest_net> wrote:
> I have been reading past posts about the desirability of
> frequent large 
> water changes.  . . . So, my obvious question is, if you
> do 50% water 
> changes weekly, do you also risk having more crypt rot? 
> I have given 
> up on crypts due to my past experience, but I really
> would like to keep 
> growing them in my new tank, when I finally get it set
> up.

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