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Re: [APD] Water Changes and Crypt Rot

At 07:20 PM 3/12/05 -0800, you wrote:
>I no longer have that tank, but it was at about 80 degrees F, I didn't 
>shut down the filter while changing water, had the lights moved away 
>from the top, and didn't heat the new water - it was at around 60 
>degrees F as it arrived, but I filled very slowly, like 15 minutes for 
>15 gallons.  I don't know what type of crypts they were since I got 
>them at Petsmart and the salesman didn't know either.

Wentdii :-)

I think the temperature change might well have been the problem. I once
had a fluval burn out when we'd gone away for a day. When we got back
there was no water movement and the top of the tank was about 20F
degrees than the bottom. In a tank filled primaily with crypts there
was nothing left but a few stalks. I've seen crypts melt but never
anyrthing this fast.

So temperature is my best guess, but it is still a guess. I can say with
certainty though I've never seen water changes, even frequent large
ones, cause crypts to melt.


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