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[APD] Water Changes and Crypt Rot

I have been reading past posts about the desirability of frequent large water changes. While reading those I also read several posts about crypt rot occurring when big changes in water chemistry are made. When I had crypts in my old 120 gallon tank, with DIY CO2, but not much of it, my crypts would rot much too often, then most would grow back, but never all of them. I was changing 15% or so of my water every two weeks when I was having the problems, but I also did not add any KNO3, and only squirted some iron rich fertilizer in with the water changes - no measuring at all. So, my obvious question is, if you do 50% water changes weekly, do you also risk having more crypt rot? I have given up on crypts due to my past experience, but I really would like to keep growing them in my new tank, when I finally get it set up.

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