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Re: [APD] Re: killing weeds

>day, although I tend to forget when I do stuff like
>that. Probably not as bad as the time I put frozen
>rats for my snake in the freezer and forgot to tell my
>wife... ;-)

Non fishkeeping spouses of aquarists deserve some kind of
a medal or special place in heaven for the things they have
to put up with. My wife now instincively knows not to even
ask what weird looking things in the freezer are, she simply
understands if it doesn't have a grocery store price tag
from a store she recognizes then it's best to not even touch
it and certainly not to ask. I think it was the bloodworms
that did it moreso than the frozen rodent collection my
daughter keeps for the "least desirable pet in the galaxy"
as my wife calls it (although it's name is really "rosy"
the amelanistic corn snake).

Now, if they're fuzzy, that's different.

"Where are you going"

"Uh, into the city, I need, um, tools and stuff"

"You're not gonna get a bird are you?"

"of course not"

"Why are you taking Cait to buy tools?"

"Uh, she's great company?"

"Ok but no birds?"

"Of course not".

(3 hours pass, I arrive home with no tools,
no bags, just a medium to small sized carboard box)

"You bought a bird!?!"

"Of course not"

"Well what is it?

"What is what?"

(Meanwhile Cait is calling for her sister and is
somewhat excited)

"Lemme have that box with the bird"

"It's not a bird"

(She gently takes the box miscalculating its
heft, and put it on the table and opened it)

"You bought a rabbit?!?!"

"Is that what that is? I aksed for a thing to make
dovetail joints and the guy said I want rabbit joints
instead and..."

"Aw, he's so cuuuuuuuuuute, here lemme hold him".


While she was playing with the rabbit I brought in
the other 5 fishtanks without being caught.


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