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[APD] Re: Killing Weeds

"I live way way north of you. Here's some plants I've seen in the river out

Ludwigia (I think)
Sag (or val)
(more than I forget offhand)"

Elodea, Ludwigia, and Sag include cold water species that are native to
North America.  I doubt that they would  appear on any invasive plant list,
but if they ever did it would further illustrate my point.

I don't know about the Riccia.  But if it is really that plant,
it is most unlikely that it could survive in a cold, dark northern winter,
let alone grow to nuisance proportions.

H. polysperma has been known to overwinter in Connecticut.  But I doubt that
the environment is friendly enough for it to prosper.

The main nuisance plants in Northern New York are such species as
Potamogeton crispus and Myriophyllum spicatum, both of which originated in
Europe and are on the invasive plant list.  I caught both of them on one
cast while fishing for bass in a bay on Lake Ontario.


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