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Re: [APD] Re: Killing weeds

>Witi all due respect, this is a bureaucratic, one-size-fits-all response
>that attempts to address a serious problem thatt might  end up turning off
>some people who otherwise would be ardent supporters.
>In Florida or other warm climates it is good advice.  In places like SE PA,
>USA,  it does not cause a problem if I toss three gallons of aquarium water
>onto my lawn.   I suspect that the unneeded hygrophila in my compost pile
>won't cause an ecological disaster.  In fact, I doubt that hygrophila would
>last a season here in the wild, let alone grow to nuisance proportions.  Yet
>it can't be sold here.
>The bureaucrat might say, "Is it right that you folks in PA can grow
>hygrophila when the people in CA can't?  We must be consistent and treat
>everybody the same."

I live way way north of you. Here's some plante I've sen in the river out

Ludwigia (I think)
Sag (or val)
(more than I forget offhand)

That's right, Riccia. The stuff I can barely keep alive.
Found a piece floating down the river, just minding its
own business. Given we have about 2 weeks of warm weather
here a year this stuff, allegedly a "tropical" plant,
managed to hibernate under several feet of snow and

Penn. is downright tropical compared to this place.


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